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All-in-One Cloud RTO Software Solution

The Best RTO Student Management System and Learning Management System in Australia

eSkilled is Australia’s only complete cloud RTO software solution that offers a seamlessly integrated student management system, learning management system and RTO materials – all in one! Secure a great RTO data management system and effectively save on your subscription costs with eSkilled.

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Award Winning Cloud RTO Software in Australia

Experience the gold standard in cloud RTO software innovation and service excellence. Transform your RTO with Australia’s leading integrated student and learning management systems!
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Finally, a learning and student management system in Australia with VET course content - all in one!

There’s no need for you to have multiple systems to manage your RTO or deliver your training and assessment. We do the lot with our RTO materials, LMS, and SMS!
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What Can eSkilled RTO Software Do for Your RTO?

Our RTO Learning & Student Management Software

RTO Compliance Software Designed By Industry Experts

You’re in good hands.
eSkilled RTO software is part of the Training Resources Group (TRG) of companies, backed by an experienced management team, with over 12 years of VET sector management. At eSkilled, we provide a powerful solution to fuel your RTO: an award-winning SMS & LMS with training materials built-in. Our VET experience ensures that our RTO software is designed to maximise your business opportunities and streamline your business systems. We do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on delivering amazing training.
The eSkilled Executive team have owned RTOs and understands compliance, training, assessment and RTO management. Our RTO compliance software is designed by industry experts to ensure you have everything you need to run your RTO effectively.

Cloud RTO Learning & Student Assessment Management System

Brand Your RTO Software

Your eSkilled SMS and LMS for RTOs are totally customisable. You can change the system colours to align with your Brand. Add your Logo to promote your RTO with the best RTO LMS and SMS in Australia!
First Impressions Count

The modern user interface in your new RTO student management system software will mean that your new students will have a great first impression of your RTO. Learn more about customisation features.

Australia’s ONLY platform With Learning, Student Management and Course Content in One System!

Leading RTO Student Management System in Australia

The Best Cloud-Based Student Management System for RTOs in Australia

RTO SMS Features

Enjoy these amazing RTO software features with the best cloud-based student management system in Australia!


Our RTO compliance software easily reports AVETMISS Data across all states and territories. eSkilled SMS is a CRICOS and AVETMISS compliant RTO software solution that enables you to easily boost compliance.

Timetable and Class Management

Easily create and manage class timetables and schedules, track attendance, assign trainers, rooms and locations with our RTO SMS. Better timetable and class management is here!

Cutting-Edge Portals

Cutting-Edge Portals

With our RTO automation software, you can gain access to our suite of portals – so you can connect, communicate, and streamline information and processes with third party stakeholders, students, and trainers.

ESK SMS - Online Enrolments

Online Enrolments

Our online student enrolments form can plug straight into your website, so you can start enrolling right away. Accept payments seamlessly with the best student management system in Australia!

ESK SMS - Certification Compliance

Certification Compliance

Our online student management system software streamlines certification compliance. Easily generate compliant Certificates and Statements of Attainment with QR codes that verify authenticity.


Simplified USI Verification

eSkilled’s RTO student management software enables you and your RTO to easily verify Unique Student Identifiers (USI) to ensure compliance with USI requirements.

Secure Data and Cloud Hosting

Rest assured that your data is backed up and hosted on ISO Certified, Australian servers with our Cloud RTO software. Enjoy our 99.99% uptime guarantee ensuring seamless RTO data management.

Data Migration

Our team of data migration experts will assist you with bringing your data across from other online student management systems to ensure a seamless, hassle-free transition.

Innovative Communication Tools

Innovative Communication Tools

Our RTO automation software provides automated communication for enhanced engagement. You can customise texts or emails, send automated and bulk messages, and easily access anytime, anywhere.

Engaging Virtual Classroom

Engaging Virtual Classroom

With our RTO learning management system, you can access a rich array of interactive tools including video conferencing, dynamic whiteboards, breakout rooms, interactive polls and more. eSkilled's RTO LMS lets you deliver amazing virtual classes online with ease.

ESKSMS_Icons_SEO_Powerful Dashboards

Interactive Performance Dashboards

Utilise our RTO software’s powerful dashboards insights to assist with data-driven decision making. Easily view enrolments, financial performance, tasks, and get tailored insights through our student management software in a snap.

Your Complete RTO Student Management Software

With our incredible RTO student management system software, you can streamline your learning, administrative and compliance processes to ensure your RTO is running smoothly. The key to effortless and seamless training delivery and student management is eSkilled’s RTO software.
eSkilled SMS has various subscription plans that fit your RTO’s specific needs. Easily upscale your plan to fit the changing needs of your organisation.

Get Expert Data Migration Support

Moving Cloud-Based Student Management Systems?

Don’t worry! Our team is here to help you move data across your former online student management systems to eSkilled SMS. We’re here to provide expert assistance to ensure your transition goes smoothly and get your operations running on the best student management system in Australia immediately! 

RTO LMS Features

The Ultimate Duo: Amplify Your Performance with eSkilled Learning Management System for RTOs

Everything you need in one solution! Our online learning management system for RTOs is the best Australia has to offer. Maximise student engagement and knowledge retention with a library of features built for improving learning outcomes and simplifying student assessment management. Find out what eSkilled’s all-in-one system has to offer by booking a walkthrough with our team.

Timetable and Class Management

Create and manage class timetables and schedules within your RTO SMS. Assign trainers and room locations, and track attendance with ease with the best RTO LMS in Australia.

Interactive Auto-Marking Quizzes

Utilise automated quizzes in your LMS for RTOs to save your trainers time and reinforce student learning. With a variety of question formats to choose from, you can engage learners more effectively while freeing up instructors’ valuable time with eSkilled’s complete RTO software.

Incredible e-Assessment Builder (OLA)

Our LMS for RTOs conveniently creates diverse assessments covering workplace skills, online tasks, and video performances. Enjoy RTO software features like digital observation forms, webcam authentication, marking guides, and easy exports. Learn more about OLA here.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

With our online LMS reporting tools, you can follow student progress with ease, utilising the Progress Dashboard for powerful RTO LMS reporting to automate reporting, employ flexible filtering, ensure timely grading and certification, while providing customisable insights, increased efficiency and enhanced RTO data management and analysis. Truly the best RTO LMS in Australia!

Rapid e-Learning Authoring Tool (H5P)

Create and deliver online training effortlessly with our LMS and user-friendly e-Learning authoring tool. Engage learners with interactive content (videos, virtual tours, drag and drop, memory game, quizzes) that are optimised for multiple devices, ensuring a seamless and immersive learning experience. Don’t settle for less—get the best RTO LMS.

Convenient SCORM Compliance

Import, export, and use any SCORM-compliant RTO materials. Compliment your RTO learning management system with our large range of e-Learning resources and accredited VET courses, or plug-n-play any SCORM-compliant file in your own learning management system.

Easy Scheduling and Attendance

With sophisticated eSkilled LMS features like session creation and tracking, automated attendance, customised calendars, seamless interaction with other tools, and accessibility from anywhere, you can easily manage schedules, attendance, and course calendars.

Enhanced Tools for Learning Collaboration and Communication

Through our messaging and notification tools, which enable group and individual messages and email notifications for deadlines, assignments, and course updates, you can streamline communication and collaboration while promoting seamless engagement.

Powerful Reporting and Analytics Insights Unlocked

Customise your dashboard, simplify reporting, track student progress, and boost compliance with eSkilled’s learning management system. Export data to Excel for further analysis and enjoy an enhanced user experience.

Strong Security and Compliance

With our ISO-certified servers, 99.9% uptime guarantee, cutting-edge security measures, and round-the-clock monitoring, we can guarantee data security and compliance on your online learning management system.

Get Access to VET Courses, Ready to Deliver in Your eSkilled LMS!

Our learning management system for RTOs pairs perfectly with our library of in-built courses! Our e-Learning Content Pack Add-on provides an unparalleled collection of 1000+ accredited e-Learning courses, that contain everything you need to start training right away!
  • e-Learning SCORM file
  • Learner Guide
  • Learner Assessments
  • Assessor Marking Guide
  • Assessment Workbook
Save time and effort from setting up e-Learning in your LMS and minimise your upfront costs with our low monthly subscription cost. Read on to learn more about our VET courses.

Engaging e-Learning Resources

Video learning and interactive activities are incorporated into the LMS of your RTO to boost student engagement. By leveraging multimedia elements, we create an immersive and interactive learning environment.

Assessment and Progress Tracking

We seamlessly integrate interactive quizzes into the LMS for your RTO to help you gauge learner knowledge and track student progress, enabling instructors to assess understanding and identify areas for improvement with our student assessment management system.

Enhanced Accessibility

Enhanced Accessibility

The audio narration is included in the RTO materials in your LMS, improving accessibility for learners with LLN difficulties and visual impairments. This ensures that all students can engage with the content effectively.

Comprehensive Training Materials

Comprehensive Training Materials

Our resources provide extensive RTO materials in your LMS that cover the necessary content to achieve learning outcomes effectively.

Simulated Business Sites (where applicable)

In relevant contexts, we provide mock business sites that offer practical scenarios and hands-on experiences, enhancing the realism and applicability of the training.

Audit Rectification Guarantee

We offer an audit rectification guarantee, ensuring our materials meet compliance standards and regulations.

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What Our Clients Say About Our All-in-One RTO Software Solution

Find out what VET professionals think of our award-winning RTO SMS & LMS.

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