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Explore Enhanced eSkilled Student Management System Updates on Certificate Viewing, Dynamic Email Tags, Streamlined Reporting, and More!

Explore Enhanced eSkilled Student Management System Updates on Certificate Viewing, Dynamic Email Tags, Streamlined Reporting, and More!

As technology continues to revolutionise the education sector, student management systems need to evolve and adapt to the changing needs of educational institutions.

The eSkilled Student Management System, a leading platform in the field, has recently rolled out several exciting product features and enhancements.

From enhanced certificate viewing options to dynamic email tags and streamlined reporting functionalities, eSkilled has listened to user feedback and implemented valuable upgrades. So, let’s delve into the details of these new features and enhancements on the SMS that promise to revolutionise student management.

View Certificates for Students in Enrolments and Company

Simplifying Certificate Access

The latest update enables any user to easily access and view the certificates issued to students for their related enrolments. To enable this option, turn on the toggle for “View Certificate on Enrolment” in the Settings > Certificate section. This enhanced student management system feature streamlines accessing and verifying certificates, saving administrators, trainers’, and students’ valuable time.

New Email Tags for Email Templates

Dynamic Schedule Information

Recognising the importance of effective communication between educational institutions and students, eSkilled has introduced new email tags for email templates. These tags allow administrators to include dynamic fields such as the scheduled start and end dates in their email templates.

When your students receive these emails, they will see their course schedules’ specific dates and times, ensuring they have comprehensive information. This enhancement empowers your RTO to deliver more detailed and personalised communication, improving student engagement and satisfaction.

Adding Save to Attendance Report

Simplifying Attendance Reporting

Understanding the attendance patterns of students is crucial for tracking their progress and ensuring compliance.

In the latest update, eSkilled added a convenient “Add, Save, and Load” functionality to the Attendance tab. This feature simplifies viewing attendance reports, enabling administrators to save and load reports seamlessly. By streamlining attendance reporting, eSkilled empowers educational and training institutions to focus on data-driven decision-making and student success.

Date Range Filters for Enrolment, Unit, and Attendance Reports

Subheading: Quick and Customised Reporting

With the introduction of date range filters for enrolment, unit, and attendance reports, your administrators can quickly create reports within custom date ranges, allowing for precise analysis and evaluation.

The option for inline date filters remains available for specific date filtering. Whether you need an overview of the entire semester or detailed weekly reports, eSkilled provides the flexibility and convenience to customise them based on your unique needs. This update empowers administrators with flexible reporting capabilities, facilitating data-driven decision-making.

Updates on Learner Questionnaire Submissions

Subheading: Enhanced Visibility and Tracking

eSkilled now provides enhanced visibility and tracking of learner questionnaires for administrators. They can track students’ completion and submission of questionnaires by updating the “Learner Survey Completed” field on the Students Page. Once students complete and submit their questionnaires through the SMS student portal, the field automatically updates to “Yes.” The Reports page also includes a “Survey Sent” column for easy access. These enhancements improve data accuracy, streamline tracking, and enable prompt follow-up on outstanding questionnaires.

Use Any Email Address within the Validated Domain for Emails

Enhanced Email Communication

In response to user feedback and the need for greater flexibility in email communication, eSkilled now allows users to send emails using an address other than the system default. This feature is essential if you want to have a different email address to appear as the sender of your Email Workflows. A good use case for this feature is sending an Application Approved email from an email address that you use for enrolments and having a Course Commence email that you send out using your trainer email address.

Force Invoice Selection on External Enrolment

Efficient Invoice Management

For improved invoice management in student enrolments, eSkilled has introduced a new setting in the Program Instance > Enrolment form tab. You now have the option to choose whether to invoice students only or employers only. By selecting the appropriate invoice option, the enrolment form will exclusively display the chosen option, ensuring invoices are sent to the correct individual or company. This feature of the student management system enhances accuracy and efficiency in invoicing, streamlining administrative workflows.

Search and Filter as You Type Characters

Streamlined Data Entry

To streamline the data entry process, eSkilled has introduced an enhanced search function for location, unit code, employer, and agent selection fields. Users can now search and filter options as they type characters, making locating and selecting the desired options easier. This feature significantly reduces data entry time, improves accuracy, and enhances overall user experience within the system.


Add Label for External Calendar Links

Improved Link Identification

Recognising the need to identify various links and embed codes clearly, eSkilled has introduced labelled external calendar links. This enhancement makes it easier for your team to identify different links and embed codes, improving communication efficiency and reducing the chances of errors.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Student Management System with eSkilled’s Latest Enhancements

eSkilled’s recent updates have brought a range of exciting features and enhancements to streamline student management processes. From simplified certificate access and comprehensive email templates to improved reporting capabilities and enhanced data entry, these student management system updates contribute to a more efficient and user-friendly experience.

Whether tracking attendance, managing invoices, or facilitating effective communication, eSkilled continues to empower RTOs to deliver exceptional learning experiences while optimising administrative workflows.

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