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Your Guide to the Latest FWP Training Package Update

Essential FWP Training Package Update

28 September 2023 FWP Training Package Update

Exciting news for RTOs! The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) is here to support your success by granting extended transition periods for certain forest and forest products (FWP) qualifications in the latest FWP training package update.

2 FWP Qualifications Affected by the Training Package Update

To be specific, ASQA announced that two qualifications are affected by the extended transition period:

  • FWP20121 Certificate II in Forest Operations
  • FWP30121 Certificate III in Forest Operations

This means the training, assessment, and certification issuance period now stretches to 31 January 2025 instead of the original end date of 23 January 2024. Additionally, this extension benefits both new enrolments and existing students. However, all your students must either complete their qualifications or be smoothly transferred to replacement ones by the new transition end date. Rest assured, these qualifications will remain on your RTO’s scope of registration until the end of the extended transition period.

ASQA’s consultation with the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority and the Training Accreditation Council of Western Australia has paved the way for this fantastic opportunity.

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