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Beyond Numbers: The Hidden Factors Behind Top-Performing RTOs

Find out what it takes to become a top-performing RTO

Extensive effort has been put into measuring and comparing the performance of registered training organisations (RTOs) to improve the quality of training and delivery. However, these efforts have faced challenges due to the complex nature of the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector and the diverse purposes served by RTOs. Recently, a study by NCVER (National Centre for Vocational Education Research) has been released that delves into the motivations of high-performing RTOs and the keys to their success.

The Power of Intention-Based Actions in RTO Excellence

The research uncovered insights that could transform and boost performance in the VET sector. The study revealed that their definition of high performance extends beyond mere measurable outcomes like completion rates. Instead, these high-performing RTOs emphasised the significance of “intention-based” actions. These actions include the intangible yet vital efforts that RTOs invest in building strong relationships with both their staff and employers. As a result, their perception of high performance encompasses a broader perspective that goes beyond quantitative metrics.

The Driving Force Behind Top-Performing RTOs

The research has revealed diverse motivations that significantly impact high performance in RTOs. Among the notable emerging themes, accountability, altruism, business security, and personal traits are key influencers.

  • Accountability and Altruism: Interconnected and powerful, accountability and altruism inspire RTO leaders to build strong bonds with students and employers. For these top-performing RTOs, fulfilling promises and delivering vital industry skills drive their dedication. Demonstrating genuine care for students and the community exemplifies their altruistic passion.
  • Personal Traits: A quarter of participants attribute their success to their unique personalities. A competitive spirit and their desire to excel fuel their determination to push their RTOs to greater heights.
  • Business Security: Though a minority of RTOs see business security as a driving force, it particularly resonates with enterprises or large RTOs. Pursuing investment, business growth, and financial stability fuels their high-performance journey.

Unleashing Excellence: Strategies for High Performance

The study dives into the strategies employed by participants to foster high performance within their RTOs. This exploration reveals several prominent themes, all revolving around the theme of ‘values.’ These themes shed light on the essential aspects that fuel their commitment to excellence and success in their organisations.

  • Leadership and Teaching Values: Leadership values are key to an RTO’s impact, shaping the mission and motivating employees. Trusting staff, involving them in decision-making, and granting autonomy in training and assessment duties are critical leadership values promoting high performance. Additionally, educational values, such as flexibility and an investment mindset, play a crucial role in an RTO’s success.
  • Collaboration: Collaboration with stakeholders emerges as a vital driver of high performance. Nurturing relationships with employers, schools, parents, and clients allows the RTO to meet client needs effectively.
  • Quality Assurance and Staffing: Large RTOs emphasise quality processes as integral to high performance. Engaging a capable VET workforce and offering relevant professional development are deemed vital to success.
  • Student Support and Teaching Excellence: Effective student support is crucial for RTOs, with a focus on employability support, students as stakeholders, and student-centric responsive teaching. Large RTOs demonstrate particular attention to contextualising training packages based on employer consultation and feedback.

NCVER’s study provides invaluable insights into the motivations and practices that drive high-performing RTOs. Understanding these factors equips policymakers and RTO leaders with the tools to elevate performance and deliver top-quality training and services, paving the way for a brighter future in the VET sector.

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