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Unveiling the Modernised Mount Isa Engineering and Trade Workshop

Empowering Tomorrow’s Professionals: Unveiling the Modernised Mount Isa Engineering and Trade Workshop

Mount Isa, a thriving city with a rich industrial heritage, is set to experience a surge in job opportunities thanks to the remarkable transformation of the local TAFE Queensland campus. The $3.5 million Mount Isa Engineering and Trade Training Modernisation project, officially unveiled on 21 June 2023 by Minister Di Farmer, signifies a significant investment in enhancing the educational facilities available to students pursuing diverse subjects, ranging from civil engineering to technology fields.

Revitalising TAFE Campuses Across Australia

Aligned with the Australian Government’s “Revitalising TAFE Campuses Across Australia” initiative, the Mount Isa Engineering and Trade Training Modernisation project forms part of a $50 million endeavour aimed at upgrading educational infrastructure nationwide. This holistic approach seeks to expand training access, meet industry standards, and address the pressing need for skilled professionals in Queensland and beyond.

Cutting-Edge Facilities and Expanding Opportunities

The newly refurbished Mount Isa Engineering and Trade Workshop introduces state-of-the-art facilities to benefit over 900 engineering, manufacturing, and technology students annually, starting from the academic year 2024-2025. Equipped with cutting-edge equipment and resources, this modern facility is designed to provide students with high-quality training aligned with industry demands, ensuring they are well-prepared for their future careers.

Apprentices at the Helm

A defining feature of the refurbishment project is the active involvement of apprentices, who contributed nearly 1,000 construction hours. The Mount Isa Engineering and Trade Workshop truly exemplifies the spirit of apprenticeship, as it was built by the very individuals who will benefit from its resources. This collaborative effort not only enhances the learning experience but also fosters a sense of ownership and pride among the apprentices, creating a vibrant and supportive community.

Catalyst for Local Job Growth and Workforce Development

The investment in the Mount Isa campus is set to have a profound impact on the local job market, recognising the demand for skilled engineers and tradespeople across various industries. The expanded capacity, accommodating up to 950 students annually, will not only attract aspiring professionals but also contribute to the development of a highly skilled workforce in Queensland. By equipping students with the necessary tools and knowledge, the workshop plays a vital role in shaping a prosperous future for both individuals and the community at large.

Quotes from Federal Minister Brendan O’Connor

Federal Minister for Skills and Training Brendan O’Connor acknowledges the significance of the project, stating, “The Albanese government is investing in Queensland through upgrading and expanding facilities such as the Mount Isa Engineering and Trade Training Workshop. This facility upgrade will increase access to training and provide state-of-the-art facilities, leading to job opportunities for Queenslanders amidst a skills crisis.”

Quotes from Minister Di Farmer

Minister Di Farmer, the Minister for Training and Skills Development, highlights the Queensland Government’s commitment to fostering employment prospects, stating, “The Good people. Good jobs. Queensland Workforce Strategy 2022-2032 aims to create a skilled workforce ready to seize today’s jobs and embrace new opportunities, and our Mount Isa TAFE upgrade is doing just that.”

A Bright Future on the Horizon

With projections estimating that over 28,800 people will be employed in North West Queensland by 2024-2025, the region is poised for substantial growth. The mining industry, in particular, is expected to emerge as the largest employer and fastest-growing sector by June 2025. The modernised workshop, with its state-of-the-art facilities, will play a pivotal role in preparing students for these burgeoning employment opportunities, ensuring they possess the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the evolving job market.

Investment and Commitment to Excellence

The Mount Isa Engineering and Trade Training Workshop is the result of collaborative efforts between the State and Federal Governments. This significant investment reflects the commitment of both entities to education and workforce development. Since 2017, the Queensland Government has allocated nearly $280 million to construct new training facilities and upgrade existing ones across the state, with over $41 million earmarked for the North and North West Queensland region.