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Have Your Say on Work Plan Development Process: Shape Australia's Future with Jobs and Skills Australia

Have Your Say on Work Plan Development Process: Shape Australia’s Future with Jobs and Skills Australia

Jobs and Skills Australia (JSA) plays a crucial role in addressing Australia’s economic challenges by improving skills development, fostering employment opportunities, and driving economic growth. As an organisation committed to serving the nation’s workforce needs, JSA values the input and perspectives of the Australian community. In order to ensure a comprehensive and effective work plan, JSA invites you to participate in the development process. This blog aims to highlight the importance of your contribution and the positive impact it can have on shaping Australia’s future.

The Current Economic Landscape

Australia is currently grappling with a shortage of skilled workers, presenting a significant economic challenge. In this context, JSA’s annual work plan becomes even more critical as it sets the course for addressing this issue and other emerging challenges. By aligning their efforts with the needs and expectations of the community, JSA can make informed decisions to drive positive change and support the nation’s workforce.

Your Input Matters

JSA recognises the importance of engaging with stakeholders and the public throughout the work plan development process. Your unique perspectives, experiences, and ideas are invaluable in guiding JSA’s strategic direction. By actively participating, you have the opportunity to shape policies, programs, and initiatives that directly impact skills development, employment, and economic growth. This collaborative approach ensures that JSA’s work plan remains relevant, effective, and responsive to the evolving needs of the Australian workforce.

Informing Australia’s Response

As an independent advisory body, JSA plays a key role in supporting Australia’s response to current, emerging, and future workforce challenges. By providing high-quality advice backed by extensive research and consultation, JSA helps inform the decision-making processes of policymakers, government agencies, and other stakeholders. Your input during the work plan development process ensures that JSA’s advice accurately reflects the diverse perspectives and needs of the Australian population.

Getting Involved

JSA invites you to share your feedback and insights on the consultation paper released for this purpose. Your input will directly influence the development of JSA’s work plan. Whether you represent a community organisation, a business, or an individual, your perspectives are valued and can make a meaningful difference. The deadline for submitting feedback is 12:00 pm AEST on Thursday, 20th July 2023.

You can provide your feedback or pose any further questions by emailing or by using the online form available on JSA’s website. JSA is committed to ensuring that the process is accessible and inclusive, so don’t hesitate to participate and contribute to shaping Australia’s future.