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Explore Exciting Updates to Your eSkilled SMS

Explore Exciting Updates to Your eSkilled SMS

Staying ahead of the industry game is not just a choice but a necessity. We understand the importance of an efficient and agile student management system (SMS) that caters to the dynamic needs of your educational institution.

That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce a series of game-changing updates that will elevate your SMS experience to a new level.

From streamlining efficiency to ensuring seamless compliance and effective communication, let’s delve into these exciting features.

Pin Student Notes – Streamlined Efficiency

Sifting through endless lists or wracking your brain for keywords in the search bar are already things of the past. With this update, you can effortlessly pin critical student notes to the top of your data table. This feature streamlines efficiency and minimises search time for easy access and seamless viewing by ensuring vital messages are always at your fingertips.

To pin a note, go to Students > Notes > Select a Note > Action > Pin. Pinned messages will have a red pin to indicate their pinned status.

ESK SMS – News Update – Release Notes 7

Update SMS Student Details in the LMS – Compliance Made Easy

Are you tired of chasing students for their AVETMISS data to meet compliance requirements? Say goodbye to those woes with our new update. Now, you can make student information collection a seamless part of their course access. When enabled, students are prompted to enter their details upon login, which synchronises effortlessly with your student management system for AVETMISS reporting. This not only simplifies compliance but also saves you valuable administrative time.

Note: If you’re an SMS user with an eSkilled Learning Management System subscription, contact our support team to discover how this feature can streamline your operations.

New Notifications for Effective Communication

Our latest update introduces a powerful Notification feature to revolutionise how you communicate with your admin and trainer users. eSkilled SMS’ feature-rich notification system allows you to create personalised and eye-catching announcements using our HTML editor, set start and end dates, and even target specific users or your entire organisation.

This feature allows you to send personalised messages that reflect the name of the person logged in, ensuring your team stays well-informed and engaged.

In the Notifications page under Admin Settings, admin users can create messages that will appear in the Notification drawer. Notifications can be set up using an HTML editor – add images or use the font toolbar to make your messages stand out.

Dynamic tags also allow you to personalise your messages to reflect the name of the person logged in. Notifications can be set to display for a fixed duration, with start and end dates, and to display to all users or specific SMS organisation unit users only.

ESK SMS – News Update – Release Notes 7

A notification bell with a flashing green dot will also appear on the upper right side of your SMS if any notifications are available for viewing.

ESK SMS – News Update – Release Notes 7

Users can click the “Do not show again” button to dismiss notifications permanently.

See tutorial.

Enhanced Visibility with Our Activity Logs Update

In our quest to make your student management system (SMS) more powerful, we’re thrilled to introduce an essential feature – Activity Logs. These logs are your window into understanding and controlling system changes related to Automation, Notifications, and Company Contacts. They provide valuable insight into actions such as adding, editing, or deleting any of these elements in your SMS. Now, your managers and administrators can confidently track these activities, ensuring data integrity and providing them with the clear visibility they need. With the ability to filter logs by date and activity type, you gain complete control and comprehensive insights into your system. This feature is your key to complete visibility, management, and confidence regarding your SMS’ integrity.

ESK SMS – News Update – Release Notes 7

*Activity logs for Automation will only be available if the Automation feature is enabled in your SMS. Automations is part of the Maximise package, please contact support if you’d like to know more.

Location Rooms – Smarter Resource Allocation

Introducing Location Rooms, a game-changing feature in your student management system. Now, you can effortlessly associate specific rooms with training locations, streamlining the allocation and management of training spaces. This newfound flexibility allows for the easy creation, allocation, and handling of rooms directly within your SMS, greatly enhancing your training schedules.

ESK SMS – News Update – Release Notes 7

Rooms can be set in Schedules when the related Location is selected.

ESK SMS – News Update – Release Notes 7

To learn more about setting up Location rooms, visit this LINK to our Help Centre tutorial.

Unleash the potential of Location Rooms and optimise your training operations.

Custom Enrolment Status – Tailored Workflows

Custom Enrolment Status is a powerful feature that lets you align your SMS precisely with your organisation’s unique workflow and requirements. This feature allows you to create tailored enrolment stages that enhance data accuracy throughout your student management system, from your SMS to your workflows, tasks, and emails. It empowers you to capture the exact enrolment stages your organisation uses, ensuring unparalleled accuracy in your data management. By customising your SMS, you supercharge your workflows, tasks, and emails, making your processes more efficient and precise. Customise, streamline, and optimise with Custom Enrolment Status and elevate your data accuracy.

To create a custom enrolment status, Click New in Templates > Custom Enrolment Status tab to create a custom enrolment status. Enter a name for your custom status and click save.

ESK SMS – News Update – Release Notes 7

You can utilise the new enrolment status when configuring Email Workflows and Task Workflows in any Program Instance. Additionally, this feature seamlessly integrates with the Automation feature if it’s enabled.

Stay Ahead with Automatic TGA Updates

Experience the power of staying ahead with our automatic TGA Update Check, a feature designed to keep your programs and units synchronised with (TGA). With daily status updates and notifications, your SMS will always reflect the latest information, guaranteeing you’re current with regulatory changes. This feature, available as part of our Maximise package, enhances TGA synchronisation in your SMS. A scheduled system task runs daily, ensuring that all Programs and Program Units’ statuses from TGA are checked. Any changes, whether a Program is updated, deleted, or superseded, are instantly reflected in your SMS.

These changes are conveniently located in the Status column on the Programs > Details page and the Units tab. Plus, you’ll receive email notifications about any alterations to Programs or Program units, helping you stay current effortlessly.

Note: This feature is available as part of the Maximise package. Please contact us at, if you want to upgrade and use this feature.

Interface Enhancements

In our relentless pursuit of delivering the best user experience, we’ve introduced exciting new features and made some thoughtful interface enhancements. These updates ensure a consistent, user-friendly design and improved navigation within the system. Here’s a glimpse of the styling and interface changes you can look forward to:

  • We’ve harmonised the student groups/intake layout with other pages for a seamless experience.
  • The Withdrawn toggle in the Attendance report has transformed into a convenient checkbox.
  • The “Add” modal window for Locations has been revamped to match the system’s styling, enhancing visual coherence.
  • Data table alignments have been fine-tuned for better presentation and accessibility.
  • Field labels have been reworded to improve clarity and readability.

Our dedication to enhancing your student management system always remains strong. These improvements are aimed at making your student administration more productive and efficient. These updates will empower your institution, enhance your SMS capabilities, and support your journey towards efficient and effective education management.

Stay tuned for our future newsletters to stay up-to date on the latest features and improvements in your SMS.

For more eSkilled SMS updates and industry news, check out our blogs!

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