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eSkilled e-Learning Course Pack Pricing

At eSkilled, we offer a range of add-ons and e-Learning course content packs to suit your unique training needs. Explore flexible bundles, add-ons, and customisable options for dynamic online training delivery.
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Using eSkilled LMS

Monthly Subscription Model

e-Learning Course Pack Add-On

Starting at $150 per month*

  • Five e-Learning Units
  • Engaging Learning Content
  • Audio Narration Feature
  • Self-Marking Quiz Chapters
  • Unlimited Student Enrolments
  • Assessments
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Training Resources
  • Access Through Your eSkilled LMS
You can choose to subscribe to the e-Learning course content pack add-on any time.

*Available only with an active eSkilled LMS subscription.

Amazing e-Learning Course Content Pack Features

Discover how our e-Learning course pack can help boost training delivery and create engaging experiences for your RTO!
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Audio Narrated

Improve accessibility for learners with LLN difficulties.

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Interactive Activities

Increase learner motivation and engagement.

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Interactive Quizzes

Easily gauge learner knowledge and understanding.

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Simple Navigation

Engaging and easy to use, reducing barriers to learning.

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Huge Range

Over 700+ eSkilled e-Learning resources to choose from.

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Video Learning

Incorporated video to make e-Learning more engaging.

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Powerful Reporting

Track student progress and performance in real-time through your LMS.

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Flexible Pricing Models

Choose an affordable model that works for you!

Other Provider Per Student Model vs.
eSkilled Monthly Subscription Model

Check out how a monthly subscription with eSkilled’s interactive e-Learning Course Content Pack compares to other LMS content providers.
Comparison of Other Provider Per Student Model vs. eSkilled Monthly Subscription Model image

eSkilled One-off Purchase vs.
eSkilled Monthly Subscription Model

Compare prices on our e-Learning Course Pack units with eSkilled’s Upfront One-Off Payment against the monthly subscription model.
esk unlimited license vs monthly subscription model matrix

Alternative Pricing Plans for e-Learning Course Bundles and add-ons

Want to avail eSkilled’s e-Learning course pack and add-ons for your LMS through other pricing models? We’ve got you covered.

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