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Say Goodbye to Manual Processes With eSkilled SMS Workflow Automation

Save Time and Money, While Simplifying Your Operations!

Achieving your business goals as an RTO is now possible with eSkilled’s comprehensive student management system (SMS) workflow automation.

This is how we do it.

Achieving your business goals as an RTO is now possible with eSkilled’s comprehensive student management system (SMS) workflow automation.

Managing student information can be a tedious and time-consuming task for your RTO. eSkilled’s RTO automation and workflow features offer a range of ways to streamline operations and improve the efficiency of your RTO processes.

Discover the eSkilled Difference: Automation and Workflow Features

Bulk Update Student Information

Make changes to multiple student records at once, saving time and improving efficiency!

Ideal for RTOs who: are still manually updating bulk student records.

What is it: eSkilled’s bulk student information feature is a revolutionary student management workflow automation solution enabling you to change multiple student records simultaneously.

Through eSkilled’s bulk update student information feature, you can:

Invoice Automation

Streamlines invoicing process to save you time and effort

Ideal for RTOs who: are seeking to streamline invoicing tasks to mitigate the risk of human errors.

What is it: eSkilled SMS offers a comprehensive solution for managing student information and automating administrative tasks, including invoice automation.

With invoice automation, you can:

Automated Payment Plans

Hassle-free flexible payment processing automation

Ideal for RTOs who: need the flexibility to create customisable payment schedules based on various rules and criteria.

What is it: Streamline payment processes with eSkilled’s automated payment plans feature. Create flexible payment schedules for students or employers, automating invoicing and payment processing on due dates.

Here are some key benefits of this feature:

Automated Enrolment

Efficient student enrolment made easy

Ideal for RTOs who: have limited capacity to handle enrolments or are looking to scale their enrolment process.

What is it: Reduce administrative workload with customisable and user-friendly enrolment forms integrated on your website. Let students enter information and enrol in courses effortlessly, enabling your staff to focus on essential tasks.

With eSkilled’s automated enrolment feature, you can:

Automated Training Plans

Timesaving and flexible training plans to boost your RTO

Effortlessly manage the arduous task of creating training plans with efficiency.

What is it: This student management system automation feature populates training plans with ready-built templates for every state in Australia, ensuring that RTOs comply with state-level requirements for training plans set out in the Australian Quality Training Framework.

How this feature can benefit your RTO:

Automated Task Management

Streamlining Task Coordination Process for RTOs

Enhance efficiency and reduce the time-consuming and costly manual coordination required for each step of student enrolments, payments, and completions..

What is it: eSkilled’s student management system comes with automation for task management that allows you to:

  • Automatically create and assign tasks based on the student’s enrolment status with powerful system task workflows.
  • Assign tasks to individuals, groups, departments, or even third-party companies to ensure timely and accurate completion.
  • Manage the compliance process with an automated task checklist, easily tracking task progress using a Kanban-style drag-and-drop task management system.
  • Stay on top of your tasks with eSkilled’s system notifications feature, which notifies you of overdue and new tasks so you will never miss a deadline.
  • The Task Management Console allows managers and administrators to report on scheduled tasks across the entire system.
  • The My Tasks Dashboard will enable users to quickly and easily see dashboard reports of their individual and team task performance across open, in-progress, overdue, and completed tasks.

With eSkilled SMS’ integrated task management system, you can:

Ensure Peak Performance with eSkilled’s RTO Automation Software

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