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Revolutionise Your RTO Workflows With eSkilled’s Custom RTO Compliance Documents and Templates

Your secret weapon to unlocking a new level of efficiency and consistency

Reduce manual tasks and simplify operations with editable templates for documents, emails, vouchers, and more.

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This is how we do it.

Reduce manual tasks and simplify operations with editable templates for documents, emails, vouchers, and more.

Discover the eSkilled Difference With Custom RTO Documents & Templates

Say goodbye to manual document creation and hello to our extensive library of customisable RTO documents and templates. With eSkilled’s student management system, you can customise templates to fit your unique requirements, saving you time, simplifying processes, and helping to ensure consistency in communication and documentation.

Here’s how this feature will revolutionise your workflow:


Comprehensive Enrolment Form Templates

Enrolment Made Easy!

Ensure compliance with privacy regulations while capturing essential student information with our enrolment forms that include a privacy notice and student declaration.

Dynamic Voucher Templates

Boost Enrolments Now!

Drive enrolments and attract new students with enticing offers and incentives. Our voucher templates allow you to create personalised offers, discounts, or incentives for marketing campaigns and course promotions.


Game-changing Email Templates

Effortless Email Excellence

Whether it’s sending welcome emails, course reminders, or administrative notifications, our email templates simplify the communication process and ensure professionalism.

Instant Document Templates

Documentation Made Simple

Effortlessly create, edit, and duplicate a variety of documents and templates, including invoices, training plans, certificates, statements of attainment, and more. Skip the hassle of starting from scratch and ensure accuracy and consistency in your documentation.


Premium Attendance Email Templates

Automate Attendance Alerts

Efficiently manage student attendance with automated email templates. Set up templates to automatically send attendance notices based on the number of days of student absences, ensuring timely communication and intervention.

Exceptional Task Templates

Effortless Task Management
Improve workflow efficiency and collaboration by utilising task templates. Assign task checklists to specific users or teams, enabling timely completion of tasks. These custom compliance templates your RTO can utilise provides clear instructions and guidelines, streamlines processes, enhances efficiency, and ensures regulatory compliance.

Hassle-free Task Checklists

Maximise Task Efficiency

Simplify workflow management and ensure compliance by using checklist templates. Establish standardised processes for workflows and compliance activities to ensure consistency and efficiency. You can also track task progress, maintain accountability, and ensure the completion of all necessary steps.

Unlock your RTO's Maximum Potential With eSkilled!

Ready to revolutionise your workflow? Try eSkilled SMS’ custom RTO documents and templates now and experience the transformation in your RTO’s productivity and success.

Note: The availability of eSkilled SMS’ custom RTO compliance templates may vary depending on your eSkilled subscription plan. For more details, refer to our pricing and feature comparison page.

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