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Unleash the Power of eSkilled's Advanced SMS Reporting Capabilities

Exceptional student management reporting for your RTO

Your all-in-one data-driven reports solution for informed decisions


This is how we do it.

Your all-in-one data-driven reports solution for informed decisions

Our student management reporting features revolutionise how you harness information, saving time, improving compliance, and providing comprehensive insights into your operations. Let us handle the heavy lifting while you focus on providing quality education and training.

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Discover the eSkilled SMS Difference: Explore Our Cutting-Edge SMS Reporting Features and Benefits Made for Your RTO

Say goodbye to the stress and complexities of manual reporting and embrace a user-friendly, automated solution. Have your RTO experience the power of our comprehensive SMS reporting suite, ensuring AVETMISS compliance and empowering you to generate customised reports that align with your unique requirements.


Streamline Compliance: Achieve AVETMISS Reporting Excellence

Automate. Comply. Excel.

Streamline AVETMISS reporting for RTOs with automated report generation, saving significant time and effort. Eliminate the manual compilation and formatting of reports, allowing RTOs to focus on more important tasks and enhance operational efficiency.

Key components include:

AVETMISS Compliance

  • Comprehensive Reporting: Our system includes comprehensive reporting on student enrolments, completions, and outcomes, providing valuable insights into your training programs.

  • Unique Student Identifier (USI): Easily collect and validate USIs, individually or in bulk, for all students to comply with the regulatory requirements.

  • Qualification and Unit of Competency Management: Seamlessly map and manage competency-based training and assessment against AVETMISS requirements, ensuring compliance and accuracy.

AVETMISS Reporting System 

With our AVETMISS Reporting System, extracting reports for all states and territories has never been easier. Enter the reporting period, and our system will automatically download your AVETMISS-compliant reports, ready to submit to National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER).

Transformative Custom Report Builder: Unlock Data Insights

Custom Reports Unleashed

eSkilled’s student management system reporting is a game-changing feature designed to streamline your reporting process and provide valuable insights into your RTO’s performance.

Create Custom Enrolment, Progress, Attendance, and Completion Reports with Ease

  • Generate reports to track and analyse course enrolments, attendance, progress, completions, and more.
  • Save your frequently used reports for quick and easy access.
  • Utilise a wide range of data filters and fields to customise your reports.
  • Effortlessly sort, filter, and save your reports, or export them to Excel for further analysis.

Effortlessly Generate CRICOS PRISMS COE Reports

  • Generate Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) reports with a single click.

  • Simplify the process of uploading data to PRISMS.

Gain In-Depth Insights with Unit Results and Progress Reports

  • Generate detailed reports on student unit completion and progress.

  • Gain valuable insights into unit outcomes and progression across diverse cohorts.

  • Save unit reports for convenient and quick access.

  • Export reports to Excel for further analysis and data manipulation.


Streamline Attendance Monitoring with Attendance Reports

  • Generate comprehensive attendance reports for specific classes or all classes.
  • Filter reports based on class, student, date range, trainer, and attendance status.
  • Export reports to Excel for seamless record-keeping and further analysis.

Optimise Performance Using Learner and Employer Questionnaire Reports

  • Generate reports on survey results with ease.

  • Filter reports based on response types for targeted analysis.

  • Identify areas of excellence and areas for improvement.

  • Export reports to Excel for in-depth analysis and informed decision-making.


Simplify Certificate Issuance with Certificate Issuance Reports

  • Generate reports on issued certificates based on start and end dates or certificate type.
  • Filter the report by student name, date issued, date created, certificate ID, program, requestor, document, and issuance type.
  • Easily export the report to Excel for further analysis or sharing with third parties.

Gain Financial Control with Financial Reports

  • View daily, weekly, and monthly revenue reports.

  • Filter revenue reports by program, program instance, projected payment plan, revenue by location, and unpaid invoices.

  • Gain comprehensive financial insights and track revenue effectively.


Effortlessly Track Tasks with Task Reports

Gain comprehensive visibility into the status of tasks, whether they are overdue or completed, across the entire system, and empower your managers and administrators with effective task progress tracking capabilities, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

Experience the Power of eSkilled's SMS Reporting Tools

Don’t let manual reporting processes hinder your RTO’s success. Unleash the power of your data and gain valuable insights to propel your organisation forward with eSkilled’s AVETMISS-compliant student management system (SMS) packed with a trailblazing custom report builder.

Experience our software’s ease, accuracy, and efficiency today and take your RTO to new heights!

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