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Simplify Your Reporting With eSkilled’s Cutting-Edge RTO Compliance Software

An AVETMISS compliant student management system equipped to capture, organise, and easily generate compliance reports.

Experience the convenience of a robust student management system for RTO compliance, made for seamless AVETMISS reporting, that does the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.

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This is how we do it.

Experience the convenience of a robust student management system for RTO compliance, made for seamless AVETMISS reporting, that does the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.

Total Control at Your Fingertips with a Smarter Student Management System for RTO Compliance

We understand that meeting compliance requirements is non-negotiable. That’s why our SMS is loaded with everything you need to meet requirements.

eSkilled’s compliance tools let you easily generate reports, verify USI, manage documents, and more with a dynamic AVETMISS-compliant student management system.

Not convinced? Here’s how our RTO compliance software can lighten your load. 

Compliance Documents Management

Our AVETMISS-compliant student management system offers easy filtering, modification, search, and categorisation with its document management tool. Organise and access documents with efficiency, saving valuable time and resources.

Our student management system made for RTO compliance hosts:

  • A continuous improvement register for feedback from students and staff
  • Complaints and appeals management systems for effective resolution
  • A tracker of all your industry engagement activities

Detailed Trainer Matrix

Maintain a clear understanding pf RTO trainer qualifications, professional development, and industry currency with our detailed trainer matrix. Trainers can effortlessly update their matrix on our RTO compliance software by adding evidence and documentation pertaining to their VET experience, professional development, industry engagement, knowledge, skills, and more

Funded Contracts and State Reporting

Experience unparalleled efficiency and ensure seamless regulatory adherence with our comprehensive RTO compliance software solution.

  • Efficiently manage state-funded contracts across all Australian states, including streamlined training activity and TAMS reporting.
  • Simplify contract setup and management by utilising customisable pre-filled templates for funding sources, loadings, concessions, outcome payment rules, and payment schedule rules.
  • Ensure compliance and accuracy by automatically calculating student fees, subsidies, and funding amounts based on different contract terms and applying necessary reductions for waivers/concessions.
  • Enhance financial management by reconciling payments within the system and having a quick view of the total funding subsidy amount per student enrolment.
  • Generate state-specific reports to meet compliance requirements, including all necessary fields for each state’s reporting.
  • Take advantage of state-specific templates to create TAMS reports and effortlessly export/import data to state reporting websites.

USI Validation

Stay compliant with USI requirements by quickly verifying unique student identifiers. Our student management system for RTO compliance offers powerful bulk USI validation of employers and students, streamlining the USI processing journey.

Complete Employer and Learner Satisfaction Survey

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Align with ASQA Compliance Standards:

Easily create and automate learner engagement and employer satisfaction surveys to meet ASQA quality indicator requirements with our RTO compliance software.

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Comprehensive Reporting:

Gain detailed insights into survey results with our robust reporting capabilities. Our AVETMISS-compliant student management system empowers you to extract and export valuable data to Excel, facilitating easy sharing with third parties.

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Powerful Filtering Options:

Our AVETMISS-compliant student management system enables you to filter responses based on any outcome type, providing you with specific insights and a deeper understanding.

Seamless integrations for better training

Integration is as critical as having smooth sailing systems. eSkilled SMS seamlessly integrates with a myriad of other platforms. With eSkilled’s all-in-one RTO solution, you can save time and money with integrations that automate and sync online enrolments, calendars, course schedules, and students’ progress reporting between the SMS and LMS.

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If you are an RTO newly starting out, you can get a free subscription with eSkilled until you are registered with the TGA, once you enrol your first five students, or after six months of training (whichever comes first).

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