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Deliver Better Training and Spark Deeper Student Engagement with eSkilled LMS Courses

Unleash the power of interactive, immersive learning!

Discover the power of eSkilled LMS courses, the ultimate solution for RTOs seeking to expand their training offerings without the hassle of content creation.

With our extensive library of ready-made RTO materials for eSkilled LMS, you can save valuable time, resources, and money while delivering high-quality, nationally accredited training to meet the demands of today’s learners.

Explore the eSkilled Difference: Unveiling the Extraordinary Benefits of eSkilled LMS Courses!

Say goodbye to creating courses from scratch and unlock a world of high-quality, engaging content that will take your training delivery to new heights.

Our team of subject matter experts and instructional designers ensures that each course is up-to-date, engaging, and tailored to meet the needs of your learners. No more wasting time reinventing the wheel – we have the courses you need ready to go!

Huge Course Library of RTO Materials for eSkilled LMS

Accelerate your training program with eSkilled LMS courses and start delivering training right away! With over 950 courses available, we offer Australia’s most extensive catalogue of nationally accredited e-Learning courses.

Add interactive units of competency and qualification courses to your LMS by subscribing to a content pack and enjoy the lowest monthly subscription prices available in the country, providing exceptional value for your RTO. Unlock your RTO’s potential with eSkilled LMS courses and take training to new heights.

Our incredible eSkilled LMS courses designed for RTOs come with the following features:

Engaging and Interactive Content

eSkilled LMS courses utilise quizzes and simulations to ensure learner engagement and optimise the learning experience.

Flexible Learning Options

Our RTO materials for eSkilled LMS are suitable for online, blended, or classroom delivery methods, offering flexibility for learners. They can access the course materials anytime and from anywhere, enabling self-paced and personalised learning.

Rich Multimedia Resources

eSkilled LMS courses incorporate a variety of multimedia elements, including videos, audio, images, and animations. These resources enhance the learning experience by making it more engaging and interactive.

Audio-Narrated Learning Content

Our audio-narrated learning content provides an inclusive learning experience for learners with English as a second language or those with learning difficulties. By allowing learners to listen to the course content, comprehension is improved, ensuring that everyone can benefit from the material.

Efficient Tracking and Assessment

eSkilled LMS courses offer robust tracking and assessment features, enabling learners to monitor their progress and instructors to track learner performance effectively. This ensures learners receive valuable feedback to support their learning journey.

Adaptable Scalability

Our online courses can effortlessly scale to accommodate organisations of all sizes, making them suitable for both small and large learner populations. This ensures that regardless of the organisation's size, eSkilled LMS courses can effectively meet the training needs and requirements.

Mobile Learning

Our RTO materials for eSkilled LMS are optimised for mobile devices, ensuring learners can conveniently access course materials from their smartphones and tablets. This mobile-friendly design enables seamless learning experiences anytime and anywhere.

On-demand Learning

These LMS courses from eSkilled offer on-demand learning opportunities, empowering learners to acquire new skills and knowledge quickly and efficiently. With the flexibility to access course materials whenever needed, learners can embark on their learning journey at their own convenience.

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eSkilled LMS Courses: Elevate Your Training Game!

Don’t let the burdens of course creation and resource limitations hold you back! With LMS courses from eSkilled, you get a convenient, engaging, and cost-effective solution. Save time and resources by accessing ready-to-go courses.

Expand your offerings and meet demand without investing in content development. Our high-quality RTO materials for eSkilled’s LMS are designed by experts to ensure learner relevance and engagement.

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