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NEW RTO - Free Student Management System Offer!

Effortlessly streamline your training delivery with eSkilled SMS’ welcome gift exclusively for new RTOs!

Our Free Student Management System Offer for New RTO Registrations

Get your new registered training organisation (RTO) off to the best start with our amazing student and learning management system with seven months free subscription! Take advantage of our exclusive offer for new registering RTOs.


  • FREE Subscription for 7 Months* – to our Student and Learning Management System on any maximise package.
  • FREE Website Integration for Online Enrolments
  • FREE Xero Integration
  • Just $2490 For Set Up and 11 Hours of Onboarding Training

*OFFER TERMS: You’ll only start paying for the subscription package once your RTO is officially registered on, or you enrol your fifth student, or after seven months from the date that you subscribe to this offer. Whichever comes first of course! The only expenses you’ll encounter on subscription is for setup and training. Please note: the minimum subscription period is 12 months, starting from the first monthly payment.

Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to seize a student management system for free and elevate your RTO’s training delivery!
Effortlessly streamline your student enrolment, progress tracking, training delivery and assessment processes with our user-friendly student and learning management systems.

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Unleash the Benefits of our Free Student Management System for Your RTO

Unlock the full potential of your RTO with our feature-rich free student management system. Designed to streamline your operations and enhance your students’ learning experiences, eSkilled SMS offers a comprehensive suite of free tools and functionalities.

SMS Starter

Get started with essential features that support your RTO’s needs, allowing you to kickstart your operations without any cost.

eSkilled SMS offers a wide range of features in our free student management system to benefit your new RTO.

ESKSMS_Icons_SEO_Online Enrolments
Online Enrolments

Simplify the enrolment process with our seamless online enrolment system, allowing students to register for courses easily.

ESKSMS_Icons_SEO_USI Validation
USI Validation

Ensure compliance with government regulations by effortlessly validating Unique Student Identifier (USI) numbers on the student management system for free.

ESKSMS_Icons_SEO_Powerful Dashboards

Gain valuable insights into your RTO’s performance through powerful dashboards, enabling you to make data-driven decisions.

ESKSMS_Icons_SEO_Compliance Management

eSkilled offers an efficient SMS with detailed tracking of trainer qualifications and compliance, reporting capabilities, streamlines data collection, and enhances productivity with automated processes.

ESKSMS_Icons_SEO_Report Builder
Report Builder

Generate custom reports to track student progress, financials, and other vital metrics, providing you with the information you need at your fingertips.

ESKSMS_Icons_SEO_Calendars & Scheduling

Effectively manage class schedules, timetables, and events, keeping everyone informed and organised.

ESKSMS_Icons_SEO_Security and Data Management
Security and Data Management

Rest easy as our advanced security measures and robust data management capabilities protect your students’ sensitive information securely on our ISO certified servers.

ESKSMS_Icons_SEO_Basic Finance Management
Basic Finance Management

Keep track of financial transactions, and manage invoices and payments efficiently, all within our free student management system.

ESKSMS_Icons_SEO_Integrated Trainer
Integrated Trainer and Student Portals

Enable seamless communication and collaboration between trainers and students through dedicated portals within our system, fostering a smooth learning experience.


Stay connected with students and stakeholders through automated email and text messaging, ensuring effective communication.


Easily generate and issue certificates upon course completion, recognising your students’ achievements.

ESKSMS_Icons_SEO_Custom Documents and Templates

Create personalised documents and templates for various purposes, tailoring them to your RTO’s specific needs.

AVETMISS Reporting

Simplify your reporting obligations with our integrated AVETMISS reporting feature, ensuring compliance with ASQA standards.


Gather valuable feedback from students and stakeholders through surveys, allowing you to improve your RTO’s offerings continually.

ESKSMS_Icons_SEO_Trainer Matrix
Trainer Matrix

Efficiently manage trainer skills, qualifications, and personal development to maintain evidence of trainer industry currency to ensure vocational experience.

ESKSMS_Icons_SEO_Stripe & eWay Integration
Stripe and eWay Integration

Seamlessly integrate payment gateways such as Stripe and eWay, providing students with convenient and secure online payment options.

ESKSMS_Icons_SEO_Payment Gateway
Payment Gateway

Offer a hassle-free payment experience for students with our integrated payment gateway. Embed on your RTO’s website for you and your students’ convenience.

ESKSMS_Icons_SEO_Document Management
Document Management

Organise and store essential documents securely within our free student management system, ensuring easy access when needed.

ESKSMS_Icons_SEO_Attendance Management
Attendance Management

Easily track and manage student attendance records, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information.

ESKSMS_Icons_SEO_Enrolment Workflows
Enrolment Workflows

Streamline your enrolment processes with automated workflows, reducing administrative burden and increasing efficiency.

ESKSMS_Icons_SEO_Employer Portals
Employer Portals

Collaborate effectively with employers through dedicated portals, fostering strong relationships and engagement.

SMS Maximise

In addition to the mentioned free student management system starter features, RTOs can get more with an upgraded version, SMS Maximise, which provides access to various advanced functionalities.

ESKSMS_Icons_SEO_Out of the Box Integrations
Out of the Box Integrations

Seamlessly integrate with other systems and platforms, expanding the capabilities of your RTO.

API Access

Extend the functionalities of our system through API integration, allowing for further customisation and integration with your existing tools.

ESKSMS_Icons_SEO_Powerful Automation
Powerful Automation Engine

Automate tasks, text messages, emails, and reports, saving time and improving operational efficiency.

ESKSMS_Icons_SEO_Finance Management
Finance Management and Xero Integration

Streamline financial operations within your RTO and integrate with Xero accounting software for seamless financial management.

CRICOS Reporting and Agent Management

Fulfil reporting requirements

for CRICOS courses and

efficiently manage agent


ESKSMS_Icons_SEO_International Agent Portal
International Agent Portal

Enhance collaboration and communication with international agents through a dedicated portal.

ESKSMS_Icons_SEO_Funded Contracts
Funded Contracts and State Reporting

Manage funded contracts and generate state-specific reports, ensuring compliance and maximising funding opportunities.

ESKSMS_Icons_SEO_Course Calendar iFrame
Course Calendar iFrame

Embed the course calendar on your website, providing easy access and online course registration for prospective students.

Begin Your RTO Journey Towards Success with eSkilled's Free Student Management System!

Take the first step in revolutionising your newly started RTO and providing an exceptional learning experience for your students.

Sign up now and get eSkilled’s innovative student management system for free and watch your training delivery soar to new heights, all at no cost to you until you start paying for the first monthly subscription once you officially register with TGA, enrol your first five students, or after six months of benefitting from this offer (whichever comes first).

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