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Cutting-Edge SMS Portals for Streamlined Processes

Experience next-level communication and efficiency

Step into a world where educational excellence meets cutting-edge technology.

This is how we do it.

Step into a world where educational excellence meets cutting-edge technology.

At eSkilled, we’re rewriting the rules of student management systems, paving the way for innovation, efficiency, and collaboration. Prepare to embark on a transformative journey as we introduce our game-changing SMS portals’ features.

Discover the eSkilled SMS Difference: Explore the Exceptional Features and Benefits of Our Student Management System Portal!

The eSkilled student management system portals offer a suite of comprehensive platforms to revolutionise your RTO’s communication processes and streamline operations.

Third-Party SMS Portals

Facilitating Strong Partnerships

Third-Party SMS portals provide a seamless channel for efficient information exchange with employers, international agents, placement providers, partner RTOs, and employment network providers. These portals facilitate smooth information exchange and empower third-party partners to:

  • View student performance dashboards
  • Enrol students
  • View invoices and payments
  • Make payments
  • Assign and manage tasks
  • View student course schedules
  • Track student progression

Student SMS Portal

Elevate Student Engagement

The student portal provides a centralised hub where students can:

  • Change their details if your RTO allows
  • Make payment or enrol themselves
  • View unit results
  • Lodge an appeal, complaint, or provide feedback
  • Complete learner satisfaction survey

It enhances communication, reduces staff workload, and improves organisational efficiency by offering a comprehensive self-service platform.

Trainer Portal

Streamlined Course Management

Our trainer SMS portal equips trainers with powerful tools to manage courses, monitor student progress, provide feedback, and generate reports.

  • Course management: Create and manage courses, assignments, and schedules.

  • Student progress tracking: Monitor grades, provide feedback, and support.

  • Communication and collaboration: Engage with students and fellow trainers, fostering collaboration and growth.

  • Assessment and feedback: Create and manage evaluations and provide feedback.

  • Reporting and analytics: Generate insights into student progress and performance.

  • Customisation: Tailor the platform to specific needs and branding.

  • Mobile compatibility: Manage courses and track progress from any device, ensuring flexibility and convenience.

Propel Your RTO to New Heights with eSkilled's Trailblazing SMS Portal Features!

Using our advanced student management system portals, your RTO can revolutionise how you operate, communicate, and engage with stakeholders.

Experience the eSkilled SMS difference yourself with our robust SMS portals. Embark on this transformative journey for your RTO.

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