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Drive Better Insights With eSkilled’s Interactive RTO Student Management System Dashboards

Say hello to real-time insights to equip your RTO for success.

This is how we do it.

Performance insights at your fingertips!

Experience the power of our interactive student management system (SMS) dashboards, designed to provide tailored insights to help drive your RTO’s success. With these highly intuitive and interactive dashboards, you can delve into every area of your organisation and make data-driven decisions like never before. Our comprehensive student management system dashboards cater to different user roles, providing relevant performance graphs and data.

Discover the eSkilled SMS Difference: Explore our Feature-Rich Student Management System Dashboards for RTOs

Take advantage of our dynamic performance dashboards and transform how you track and optimise your RTO’s success.

Interactive User Dashboard

Unleash Powerful Data with our Interactive User Dashboard

Tired of wrestling with manual data extraction? Say goodbye to time consuming data gathering and hello to real-time insights that pack a punch! Our incredible dashboards bring your data to life with interactive graphs that let you zoom in for a closer look. Export data with a single click and conquer the world of analysis!

Dashboards for Every User

Our powerful dashboards feature interactive graphs that allow users to zoom in and analyse specific areas of interest. Whether you’re an administrator, trainer, employer, international agent, or placement provider, you can access personalised performance graphs and relevant data at your fingertips. Plus, all graphically displayed data can be easily exported to Excel for further investigation and sharing.

Enrolment Dashboard (All Users)

Get a clear picture of enrolment performance across all courses, program instances, units completed by the end date, percentage of units not completed by the proposed end date, and more. Identify at-risk students and track progression and completion rates effortlessly. Administrators and trainers can also monitor attendance stats, helping them identify disengaged students and implement timely interventions to foster a positive learning experience.

Financial Performance Dashboard (Administrators ONLY)

For administrators, our Financial Performance Dashboard is a game-changer. Track your daily, weekly, and monthly revenue reports with ease. Filter the data by revenue by program, program instance, projected payment plans, income by location, and unpaid invoices. Stay on top of your RTO’s financial health and make informed decisions that drive growth.

My Tasks Dashboard (All Users)

Stay organised and boost productivity with our My Tasks Dashboard. Track individual and team task performance, and gain insights into open, in-progress, overdue, and completed tasks. Never miss a deadline or lose sight of your team’s progress again.

💡 Tailored Insights for Your Business

At eSkilled, we understand that every RTO is unique. That's why our dashboards and reporting can be customised to provide tailored insights specific to your business needs. Get the information that matters most to you in a format that's easy to understand and act upon.

How Our SMS Dashboards Transform Your RTO’s Finance Management

Elevate Your RTO's Success with eSkilled's Innovative Dashboard Features for your SMS

Transform how you analyse and utilise data with eSkilled’s interactive RTO student management system dashboards.

Say goodbye to manual data extraction and hello to a user-friendly, data-driven approach that drives efficiency and success. Try eSkilled SMS now and experience the difference firsthand.

Note: Availability of RTO SMS dashboards may vary depending on your eSkilled subscription plan. For more details, refer to our pricing and feature comparison page.

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