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eSkilled's LMS Communication Features for RTOs: Where Learning Meets Connectivity!

Transform learning through seamless collaboration with eSkilled LMS’ Messaging System

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eSkilled’s Learning Management System (LMS) boasts of some of the most robust communication and collaboration tools as part of its Communications features.

Effective communication and collaboration lie at the heart of successful online learning experiences. That’s why we provide a range of powerful LMS communications features for your RTO, enabling seamless interaction between students, instructors, and administrators.

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Explore the eSkilled LMS Difference: Ignite your RTO’s Learning Journey with Our Robust Communications Features!

From group messaging and individual messaging to our advanced notification management system, eSkilled’s messaging system for learning management systems ensures seamless communication within your RTO. Break free from limited interaction and inefficient feedback processes as you experience enhanced engagement, streamlined information flow, and a vibrant learning community.

Explore our cutting-edge LMS with notifications management system to unlock the full potential of collaborative learning in your RTO.

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Group Messaging

Facilitate seamless communication among group members with eSkilled’s powerful group messaging feature. Within our platform, you can send messages to specific groups or cohorts within a course, making it particularly valuable for group projects or assignments. By creating groups within a course, users can effortlessly send messages using the eSkilled LMS messaging system, fostering collaboration, and ensuring efficient information exchange.

Individual Messaging

Enhance one-on-one communication within your RTO’s learning management system using eSkilled’s messaging system. This feature enables users to send private messages to other individuals on the platform, whether it’s for direct communication between students and teachers or for peer-to-peer interactions among students.

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System Notification

System Notification

As the leading LMS with notification management system, eSkilled keeps your users informed and engaged through the powerful system notifications feature. Configure notifications to be sent via the platform or email, ensuring that important updates reach your users effectively. These notifications can be reminders for upcoming deadlines, feedback on assignments, or notifications about changes to the course.

Email Notifications

Stay connected and informed with eSkilled’s email notifications feature. In addition to system notifications, eSkilled can be configured to send email notifications directly to users. This option is particularly beneficial for individuals who prefer to receive important updates, reminders, and notifications via email rather than through the platform.

Email Notification
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Let Your RTO’s Rise Above the Rest with eSkilled’s Learning Management System Communication Features!

eSkilled LMS offers a range of communications features for your RTO that’s designed to empower users and foster seamless collaboration. With our advanced tools, students can actively engage in discussions, trainers can deliver personalised guidance, and administrators can efficiently share important updates.

Enhanced Engagement and Flexibility: Our platform promotes dynamic learning through interactive discussions, collaborative projects, and real-time interactions. Learners connect and learn anytime, anywhere, fostering engagement and flexibility.
Seamless Information Flow: Streamline communication with eSkilled’s LMS with notification management system. Instantly share announcements, reminders, and updates through discussion boards, notifications, and messaging, keeping learners informed and engaged.

Experience the power of seamless communication and collaboration with eSkilled’s LMS messaging system.

Contact us via 1300884811 or Fill in the Form so We can Give you a Personal Walkthrough of your New LMS with Notification Management System Feature.