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Learning Management System Features

Training Made Easy, Learning Made Fun. Adopt Effortless Education with eSkilled Learning Management System

Innovate, educate and empower with these awesome learning management system features!

We are one of the most affordable and trusted online learning management system providers for Australian RTOs. Our robust and intuitive LMS platform enables registered training organisations to efficiently deliver engaging and effective online courses.

Australia’s Leading Online Learning Management System Provider

At eSkilled, we understand the challenges faced by RTOs and the limitations of legacy learning management systems. That’s why our team of experienced VET professionals was driven to create a better solution.

eSkilled LMS stands at the forefront of online learning management systems for RTOs in Australia. Our expertly-engineered LMS software revolutionises how RTOs deliver courses, providing a range of innovative features, seamless integrations, and powerful tools on our Moodle-based platform. With eSkilled LMS, you can effortlessly boost efficiency, engagement, and compliance.

Discover the eSkilled Difference: The Best Online Learning Management System Boost Your RTO

Boost efficiency, engagement and productivity with eSkilled’s innovative online learning management system features tailored for your success from the best LMS in Australia – eSkilled LMS. Click on the links below to read more about each awesome feature!

Effortless Online LMS Scheduling and Attendance Management

Effortlessly manage schedules, attendance, and course calendars with powerful eSkilled LMS features, including session creation and tracking, automated attendance, personalised calendars, seamless integration with other tools, and accessibility from anywhere.

Create Unforgettable Courses with Rapid e-Learning Authoring Tools

Create and manage engaging online courses on your learning management system with a rapid e-Learning authoring tool, build SCORM compliant custom courses with interactive elements, and host interactive virtual classrooms for enhanced learning management.

Dynamic LMS Assessment and Evaluation Tools

Transform assessments, enhance efficiency, and ensure compliance with the best LMS in Australia. Streamline assessments, save time, and provide a seamless experience for students and assessors using interactive auto-marking quizzes and an incredible e-assessment builder.

Insights Unleashed: Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Tailor your dashboard, streamline reporting, monitor student progress, and improve compliance with detailed reports and flexible filters in eSkilled’s learning management system. Export data to Excel for further analysis and enjoy an enhanced user experience.

Supercharge Learning with Enhanced Communication and Collaboration Tools

Streamline communication and collaboration through our messaging and notification features, enabling group and individual messages and email notifications for deadlines, assignments, and course updates, fostering seamless engagement. All these features you can find on the best LMS in Australia – eSkilled LMS

A Huge Library of Ready-to-Deliver VET Courses

Our comprehensive library offers 970+ nationally recognised courses, featuring interactive content, flexible delivery methods, and robust tracking and assessment capabilities. Access ready-to-deliver courses and expand your training materials without content development investment through the best online learning management system in Australia – eSkilled LMS!

Fortify Your LMS Data with Robust Security and Compliance

Ensure data security and compliance on your online learning management system with our ISO-certified servers, 99.9% uptime guarantee, advanced security features, and 24/7 monitoring, providing reliable and secure cloud LMS hosting to boost productivity, trust, and peace of mind.

Powerful, Out-of-the-Box Integrations

Boost productivity, streamline workflows, and personalise learning with eSkilled. Our Moodle-based platform gives you seamless API integration, full branding options, and out-of-the-box integrations with popular tools like Google Apps, Microsoft Office, Turnitin, Zoom, and many more!

A Streamlined Powerhouse

Empower your RTO with one of the best cutting-edge learning management systems in Australia – eSkilled LMS!

The Data Dilemma: Sync or Sink!

Doubled-up effort, missed insights, and scattered data – these are the nightmares of organisations struggling to sync their student management system (SMS) and learning management system (LMS).

But fear not, our eSkilled LMS has the ultimate antidote for this data dilemma!

Australia's Leading Online Learning Management System for RTOs WITH Interactive eLearning Training Resources!

Start delivering training right away with hundreds of qualifications and units to choose from!

The Praise Parade: What They Love About eSkilled LMS!

At eSkilled LMS, we pride ourselves on delivering a learning management system in Australia that exceeds expectations. Don’t just take our word for it – hear directly from our satisfied clients who have experienced the transformative power of the best LMS in Australia.

Tailored for RTOs with Moodle™ Technology

eSkilled LMS leverages the robust foundation of the Moodle™ open-source learning platform, a solution re-engineered to meet and exceed the stringent demands of the Australian VET sector. We have painstakingly adapted this offering to bypass the common hurdles faced by RTOs on other platforms, delivering a a hosted Moodle system meticulously adapted for Vocational Education and Training needs.

Explore the Power of eSkilled LMS

Upgrade your RTO learning management systems with eSkilled LMS and experience the extraordinary. Book a tour now to witness its transformative capabilities in action.
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