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eSkilled Student Management Features

Leading Student Management Software to Support and Enhance Your RTO Processes

This is how we do it.

With eSkilled’s student management software, you can streamline administrative processes, improve data accuracy, and simplify the management of student data. Say goodbye to manual paperwork and hello to a seamless and efficient solution that empowers you to provide exceptional support to your students.

Discover the eSkilled SMS Difference: Explore the Unparalleled Features and Benefits of Our RTO Student Management Software

With eSkilled SMS, you can effortlessly track student information, streamline enrolment processes, manage documents and payments, issue certificates, and effectively monitor attendance through our RTO student progress tracking.

Let’s dive into the extensive features and benefits that eSkilled brings to your RTO.

Comprehensive Student Management

At eSkilled SMS, we understand the importance of comprehensive student management. Our RTO student management software provides a centralised hub for all student-related information, ensuring convenient and easy monitoring of students’ details, payments, and important documents.

Thorough Documentation with Student Notes

eSkilled's software automatically logs all activities, including email/text communication, documents, and generated certificates. This comprehensive audit log ensures clear and documented evidence of your RTO's support to students.

Effortless Enrolment Management

Quickly and easily view and edit all student enrolment information within eSkilled's intuitive interface. Stay organised and keep track of enrolment status effortlessly.

RTO Student Units Progress Tracking

Monitor and manage student progress across all units of competence. Stay informed about their achievements, identify areas for improvement, and provide targeted support to drive success.

Centralised Document Management

eSkilled SMS enables you to add and view various student documents, including IDs, RPL docs, Visas, and private health care evidence. Store all essential records conveniently in one secure location.

Seamless Payments and Invoices

Effortlessly manage and view student invoices, payments, and payment plan information. Stay on top of financial transactions with ease and accuracy.

Certificate and Statement of Attainment Management

Create, view, and reissue certificates and statements of attainment issued to your students. Keep their credentials organised and accessible for their career advancement.

Task Management Made Easy

Stay informed about all tasks created and actioned for your students. Efficiently manage and prioritise tasks within the system to ensure timely completion.

Supercharge Attendance Management

Efficient attendance management improves student engagement, retention rates, and academic performance. Our RTO student progress tracking system empowers educators to maximise student success.

Time-saving Attendance Tracking

Say goodbye to time-consuming and error-prone manual attendance tracking. eSkilled's system allows trainers and educators to mark attendance easily and quickly for individual students or an entire class.

Automated Attendance Notifications

Our software sends computerised notifications to students when they miss a class, promoting accountability and timely follow-up.

Real-time and Customisable Attendance Reporting

Monitor student attendance in real-time with customisable reporting options. Identify attendance trends, address potential issues such as chronic absenteeism or tardiness, and develop targeted interventions for improved student outcomes.

Skyrocket Your RTO's Success with eSkilled’s RTO Student Management Software!

Discover the power of eSkilled’s student management system and transform your RTO into a well-oiled machine.

With comprehensive student management and efficient attendance and RTO student progress tracking, you can save time, enhance compliance, and improve overall academic performance.

Experience the ease, efficiency, and engagement that our RTO student management software offers!

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