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Boost Results and Efficiency: eSkilled's Revolutionary LMS Integration and Branding Customisation

Supercharge your content delivery and maximise brand impact with your brand's own personalised LMS.

Unlock the full potential of your registered training organisation (RTO) with eSkilled’s comprehensive suite of LMS integrations and branding customisation features. Seamlessly blend your RTO’s branding, integrate with robust APIs, and effortlessly connect with a wide range of tools and applications.

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Integration Simplified with eSkilled’s Out-of-the-Box LMS Integrations

Connecting eSkilled with your other business systems is a breeze with our out-of-box LMS integrations. Enhance your LMS solution by integrating it with popular tools and applications, including:

Google Apps

Collaborate on Google Drive documents, presentations, and spreadsheets, fostering seamless teamwork for students and teachers.

Microsoft Office 365

Our LMS seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office 365, empowering students and teachers to access and collaborate on Office documents, presentations, and spreadsheets directly within the platform. (Requires Microsoft 365 subscription)


Ensure originality in student submissions by integrating this plagiarism detection and prevention tool. (Requires Turnitin subscription)

Mahara ePortfolio

Empower students to showcase their learning achievements and create digital portfolios through integration with Mahara, a dedicated ePortfolio system.


Facilitate real-time collaboration and virtual classroom sessions by integrating Zoom.


Enhance your courses with multimedia content. Integrate Kaltura, a robust video management platform, to create and share engaging videos.


Seamlessly integrates with WordPress, bridging your LMS and CMS. Embed course materials into WordPress pages and posts effortlessly.


Simplify assignment management by allowing students to submit and access course assignments directly from their Dropbox accounts within our LMS.


Enable hassle-free online payments for course enrolment and other fees by integrating PayPal.


Enhance the payment experience for students with a user-friendly interface. Our LMS integrates directly with Stripe, allowing seamless payments without leaving the site.

Take Online Learning to the Next Level with eSkilled LMS Integrations and Custom LMS Branding

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