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Revolutionise Your Training with eSkilled’s RTO Learning Management System

Streamline training and education for improved student outcomes with eSkilled’s RTO Learning Management System

Seamlessly manage student data, deliver interactive virtual classes, create engaging e-Learning content, and gain powerful analytics insights in one centralised platform with eSkilled’s RTO learning management system.

This is how we do it.

Seamlessly manage student data, deliver interactive virtual classes, create engaging e-Learning content, and gain powerful analytics insights in one centralised platform with eSkilled’s RTO learning management system.

eSkilled’s learning management system takes care of the student training and education journey, providing a comprehensive platform for managing and delivering engaging learning experiences. With seamless integration from the SMS to the LMS, you can streamline the process of managing educational content and reducing administrative workload.

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Discover the eSkilled Difference: Learning Management System Features and Benefits

Welcome to eSkilled LMS, the solution that brings harmony to the chaos and elevates your learning experience to new heights. Say goodbye to fragmented data, manual processes, and limited engagement. Our powerful learning management system (LMS) is the ultimate solution for managing and delivering outstanding training and education experiences.

The Data Dilemma: Sync or Sink!

Doubled-up effort, missed insights, and scattered data – these are the nightmares of organisations struggling to sync their student management system (SMS) and learning management system (LMS).

But fear not, our eSkilled LMS has the ultimate antidote for this data dilemma!

Top Features to Ignite Engagement and Learning

With eSkilled LMS, interactivity is the name of the game! Buckle up as we take you on a tour of some of its amazing features:

Interactive Virtual Classroom

Interactive Virtual Classroom

Welcome to the future of online learning! The eSkilled Virtual Classroom offers many tools for seamless live classes, including video conferencing, screen sharing, a collaborative whiteboard, breakout rooms, recordings, polls, text chat, raise hand, attendance tracking, and moderation.

Rapid E-Learning Authoring Tool

Say goodbye to stale content! H5P brings your courses to life with interactive videos, virtual tours, course presentations, quizzes, memory games, and more. These versatile content types cater to various learning objectives, ensuring engaged and motivated learners.

Interactive Virtual Classroom

Interactive Auto-marking Quizzes

Assess with ease! eSkilled LMS provides a range of flexible quiz question formats, from multiple-choice to opinion scale/Likert. These interactive quizzes promote engagement and participation, while diverse assessment types cater to every need.

Incredible E-Assessment Builder (OLA)

Goodbye paper-based assessments! With OLA, assessments can be completed on any device, featuring video streaming of skills performances, digital observation forms, webcam authentication, digital signatures, and automated grading.

Powerful LMS Reporting

Data insights at your fingertips! The progress dashboard offers completion and progress reports, assessment submission, and marking reports, all exportable to Excel for easy analysis.

Your LMS, Your Brand

Make it your own! Personalise your learning environment with your RTO logo and colour tone, creating a branded experience that boosts trust and reputation.

Huge Course Library

Dive into knowledge! Quickly add new courses to your LMS with content packs that feature interactive, multimedia, audio-narrated, mobile-friendly, and on-demand learning courses.

Centralised, Secure, and Seamless

eSkilled LMS ensures your journey from SMS to LMS is seamless, centralised, and secure:

eSkilled RTO Learning Management System: The Future Is Here

In a world where time is precious and efficiency is key, eSkilled LMS emerges as the solution to your educational challenges. By providing a centralised platform, automating processes, fostering engagement, and ensuring data security, eSkilled LMS sets the stage for a seamless learning journey.

Data Security

Data Security

Trust in the cloud! eSkilled LMS offers secure cloud hosting with ISO Certified servers, 24/7 monitoring, encryption, and multi-factor authentication. Your data is protected, accessible from anywhere, and backed by disaster recovery and maintenance support.

Seamless Integrations

Unleash the power of collaboration! eSkilled LMS effortlessly integrates with various applications like Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365, Zoom, and more. Say hello to seamless collaboration, plagiarism detection, video management, and online payments, all within the LMS platform.

Build Your Own Courses

Flexibility in your hands! Instructors can create engaging courses with various activities and resources, empowering learners to engage with content in diverse ways.

Synced Data

Real-time accuracy and instantaneous access! The synchronisation between the SMS and LMS ensures your data is current, reducing errors, and providing quick access to student information.

Plug-n-Play Any e-Learning (SCORM) Content

Effortlessly import, launch, and track SCORM-compliant e-Learning courses and content with our LMS. Simplify delivery and management of your SCORM-based courses.

Supercharge Your Training Delivery with eSkilled’s Learning Management System!

Ready to revolutionise your training and education programs? eSkilled LMS offers a comprehensive and intuitive platform that synchronises your data, engages learners, and empowers instructors. By streamlining processes, providing powerful analytics, and enhancing engagement, eSkilled takes your learning management to the next level. Embrace the future of education and unlock the full potential of your organisation with eSkilled learning management system!

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