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eSkilled SMS Maximise Package Unveils Game-Changing Features to Revolutionise Your RTO Management

eSkilled SMS Maximise Package's Game-Changing Enhancements

The eSkilled SMS Maximise Package introduces a suite of groundbreaking features designed to elevate registered training organisations (RTOs) to a new level of operational excellence.

Released this October, these enhancements offer unparalleled efficiency and precision, allowing RTOs to streamline their processes and focus on delivering top-tier training experiences.

Bulk Import of Companies: Effortless Company Data Entry

Say goodbye to tedious manual data entry! RTOs can now effortlessly import multiple company records simultaneously using a straightforward template. This time-saving feature expedites the process and minimises errors through inbuilt checks during the import. By freeing up valuable time previously spent on data entry, RTOs can redirect their focus towards other critical tasks.

Enhancements to Automations

Automate with Precision: Event Date Triggers

This addition empowers RTOs to automate actions based on significant event dates. With this feature, RTOs gain more control over their automation system, enabling tailored and timely automated actions aligned with specific training events and deadlines.

Precise Timing, Seamless Management: Minutes Period

This feature enables scheduling actions a precise number of minutes before or after an event, offering refined control. It provides RTOs with the precision and control necessary to ensure crucial steps, like notifying students or trainers about upcoming training sessions, happen precisely when needed, bolstering the overall management of training programs.

New Condition Based on Student Attendance

This update adds a new dimension to student engagement by allowing the system to respond to student attendance, aiding RTOs in effectively managing student participation. Automation can now adapt and engage with students based on attendance, facilitating improved communication and support efforts. It ensures high student involvement in training programs, benefitting students and administrative staff.

eSkilled SMS, with these enhancements, ensures that RTOs have the tools necessary to optimise their operations, enhance student engagement, and deliver seamless, high-quality training experiences.

This suite of new features cements eSkilled SMS as the go-to solution for RTOs aiming for efficiency and excellence in training management. Stay tuned for more transformative updates! Check out our blogs!

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