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What is RTO AVETMISS Compliant Student Management Software?

RTO AVETMISS compliant student management software

An “AVETMISS Compliant Student Management system” is a vital administrative tool to collect and report AVETMISS data. Effective, AVETMISS Compliant Software allows your Registered Training Organisation (RTO) to collect error-free student-related data to be submitted to government bodies such as the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) for National Reporting or State Training Authority (STA) for RTOs that receive funding or are required to report to their STA.

The Australian government requires RTOs to collect and report full and accurate data to meet all compliance requirements with the AVETMISS Standards. Reporting is mandated to be completed annually for nationally reporting RTOs).

If your RTO is approved to receive government funding, you will enter into a contractual agreement with the government (either State or Commonwealth). Under these contracts, reporting is typically on a monthly basis. It is critical that RTOs choose an AVETMISS Compliant Student Management System that meets the stringent state or territory government specific reporting requirements. Failure to report correctly could cause delays in receiving funding payments, or worse, loss of your funding contract.

What is an AVETMISS Compliant reporting system?

It is each RTO’s responsibility to record and manage the data relating to students, their course progress, employers etc. in an AVETMISS Compliant Reporting System. By recording the collected data to a high standard that meets compliance requirements, you will be able to submit the required NAT files. For many RTOS, keeping track of internal data can be a challenge. So, rather than sifting through files of old documents manually, an AVETMISS Compliant Student Management System allows you to streamline these administrative processes. The AVETMISS Compliant Software will allow your RTO to simply extract the files required for validation. These files are known as NAT files.

Most importantly, the majority of AVETMISS Compliant Student Management Systems will have a validation system that informs you of errors when generating the NAT files. Though, these checks are not to the same standard as the NCVER Validation System.


Your AVETMISS RTO Software will produce your reports in the following NAT file formats. These are text files. The list below provides an explanation of what is contained in each.

  • NAT 10 – Training Organisation File – Provides records with identifying information about the RTO.
  • NAT 20 – Training Organisation Delivery Location File – Provides a record of the training delivery location of the RTO.
  • NAT 30 – Program File – Provides a record of each nationally accredited qualification, course, skill sets associated with the training activity and courses delivered.
  • NAT 60 – Subject File – Provides a list of units of competency, accredited units and modules delivered.
  • NAT 80 – Client File – Contains details about the clients/learner’s participation patterns to be used for statistical, administrative, regulatory and research purposes.
  • NAT 85 – Client Contact Details File – Provides information on the clients (address, email, and phone).
  • NAT 90 – Disability File – Provides information of any disabilities the client may have
  • NAT 100 – Prior Educational Achievement – Provides information on any educational achievements held by the client.
  • NAT 120 – Training Activity File – Provides information on the Clients unit and module outcomes. THE MOST IMPORTANT FILE IN TERMS OF TRAINING DATA
  • NAT 130 – Program Completed File – Provides details of the program(s) completed by the client.

Ensure your AVETMISS Software is Compliant with NCVER Requirements

If your RTO is unable to produce accurate error-free AVETMISS Compliant Reports, you risk missing critical reporting deadlines, non-compliance and even delays in receiving funding if your RTO receives government funding. This can be easily avoided with AVETMISS RTO Compliant Software such that it will help you glide through AVETMISS Reporting with minimum stress and worry.

Unfortunately, the responsibility of compliance is entirely on the RTO and not the vendor. Whilst vendors are expected to maintain AVETMISS software compliance, there is no mandated certificate of compliance, nor are they expected to stay up to date with the AVETMISS compliance requirements as they change by updating their software.

For your RTO to shine during AVETMISS reporting time and bypass the stress of sorting through massive data errors, ensure that your AVETMISS Compliant Student Management System has stringent data collection, and validation processes from enrolment, student progression, through to AVETMISS reporting.

An effective AVETMISS Compliant Student Management System should collect, collate, and report data for the processes outlined in the diagram below.


AVETMISS Compliant Student Management System for Efficient Processes

In today’s ever-evolving, fast-paced digital world, it is important to have a solid compliant student management system to streamline business processes and to manage AVETMISS Compliance.

So, why not contact us today to book a walkthrough of eSkilleds Student Management System and see for yourself a premium SMS that will help you get ahead of the game!

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