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SMS vs LMS: What is the difference? Features You Should Know About

What’s the difference between SMS vs LMS?

Every now and then, we get new RTO operators asking, “how are student management systems (SMS) and learning management systems (LMS) different?”

Although both RTO management system software contains tools and features that make running your business easier and smoother, the LMS and SMS software differ significantly in how they’re used.

To help you get a better grip on their distinctions, let’s break down the intricacies of RTO management software in this quick read.

What is a student management system?

Also known as a school management system, a Student Management System helps manage all aspects of RTO management by acting as the central database for student information and coordinating RTO training operations.


Read more about Student Management System here


Here are the key Student Management System features:

  • Stores and tracks student data, trainer information, and other related files.
  • Assists trainers with coordinating schedules and communicating with students.
  • Assists with AVETMISS reporting and other compliance reporting obligations.
  • Streamlines administrative tasks.


Acquiring a quality SMS comes with a bunch of perks too! A few advantages of having a good student data management system include:


  • It makes it easier to track schedules, activities, and student attendance.
  • It increases productivity because an SMS lets your RTO focus on more important tasks.
  • It saves you time spent on tasks and labour costs.


Students also benefit from these outstanding Students also benefit from these outstanding SMS features. With this, they have an easy way to get in touch with administrators and a centralised place for essential requirements like signing up for classes and enrolment. They can also spend more time studying and less time worrying about going to the office to get documents.

What is a learning management system (LMS)?

If SMS is your digital record-keeper and storage, the LMS, on the other hand, serves as your training centre. Companies or schools use this software to organise learning content and manage its delivery.

Here are the key LMS Features:

  • Help trainers deliver courses to students, mark assessments, and manage results and feedback.
  • Let students access their course materials, study resources, submit assessments and more.
  • Monitor and report on student performance.


For RTOs, an LMS helps with business growth by providing better training and student assessment. Other perks of using a learning management system for your RTO include:


  • Creates a more engaging online learning environment
  • Allows the use of e-learning resources and other interactive training tools
  • Provides clear trainer and student communication
  • Helps with documentation of student engagement with their course


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Different LMS providers have various features. But you have to keep in mind that the best learning management system for RTOs also helps improve learner engagement as it serves as a platform for immersive learning content, interactive quizzes, and enjoyable activities.

SMS vs LMS: Which should you pick?

As seen above, SMS and LMS perform different tasks. One assists in managing your day-to-day operations, while the other helps provide flexible and efficient training. You can choose any of the two, but for optimal organisation and to cover all bases, you need to have both.

Student management systems and learning management systems work hand in hand to help your RTO. Your students’ training journey starts when they enrol through the SMS. Then, their data, classes, and schedules push through the LMS. Meanwhile, grades and results from the LMS are reflected in your SMS to help you track the growth of your students.

Need help choosing an RTO Management Software?

At eSkilled, our team has developed a state-of-the-art SMS and the best RTO LMS, both designed specifically with RTOs in mind. You have the option to subscribe to an SMS-only pack or have an integrated SMS and LMS pack for seamless student management and training delivery.

Unlike most SMS developed with the general consumers in mind, eSkilled SMS is specifically designed for Australian RTOs. This state-of-the-art SMS does the heavy lifting for you as you can automate emails and processes in it. Now, you can skip laborious tasks to focus on maximising business opportunities.

Here are more features you can expect with eSkilled SMS:

  • RTO Reporting
  • AVETMISS and CRICOS Reporting
  • Timetable and Class Management
  • Online Enrolments
  • Certificate Compliance
  • Unique Student Identifier (USI) Verifier
  • Secure Data and Cloud Hosting
  • Data Migration
  • Application Integrations (such as XERO, Stripe, and Moodle)


An all-in-one solution, eSkilled SMS also saves you from switching from one software to another with its fully integrated LMS. Considered one of the best RTO LMS, eSkilled LMS comes with excellent tools and compliant features. It includes:


  • Online Assessments
  • Virtual Classrooms
  • Auto-Marking Quizzes
  • Rapid Course Authoring Tools
  • Powerful LMS Reporting
  • Incredible Integrations (like Zoom, Skype, and BigBlueButton)


Plus, this houses a wide variety of engaging e-Learning content. The fun and interactive training materials can easily be edited and contextualised depending on your RTO’s brand and style. Curious? Check out the comprehensive catalogue here. You can also learn more about them through the e-Learning examples demo.


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