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New Transition Period for Two MSL Qualifications

Exciting News: Key Updates in MSL Training – 6 November 2023

We’ve got some important news, especially if you’re part of a registered training organisation (RTO) dealing with MSL (laboratory operations) training. We’re here to share the latest scoop from the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) that’s making waves for certain qualifications in the MSL training package.

ASQA’s Support for Learners

ASQA, the regulatory authority, aims to look out for learners and training organisations. They’ve got the power to grant some extra time beyond the usual rules. Every request for more time is carefully considered to ensure learners are safe and happy. These extensions only happen when it’s crystal clear that learners would be disadvantaged without them.

Extra Time for Key MSL Qualifications

Hold on to your seats because ASQA just approved some extra time for two major MSL qualifications:

  • MSL40118 – Certificate IV in Laboratory Techniques
  • MSL50118 – Diploma of Laboratory Technology

You heard it right! The deadline for training, tests, and certification just got extended from the original date of 18 December 2023 to the new date of 31 January 2025—great news for students who started their training on or before 18 December 2023. Now, you’ve got plenty of time to wrap things up, snag your certificates, or explore other incredible training options in this extended timeline.

ASQA teamed up with the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) and the Training Accreditation Council of Western Australia (TAC) to ensure everything runs smoothly during this extra time. They even chatted with the Manufacturing Industry Skills Alliance Jobs and Skills Council to emphasise this extension’s importance.

What It Means for Training Organisations: Seize the Opportunity!

For you, RTO folks, this extension means your registration is ready until the end of the extended transition period. It’s like a golden opportunity to level up your MSL training game.

Explore the offerings at the eSkilled SMS-LMS shop to equip your RTO with the latest and greatest e-Learning materials. This extended transition period is your chance to shine, positively impacting your students’ learning journey while enhancing the reputation of your esteemed organisation.

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